OB Trained Golden Retriever for Adoption

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OB Trained Golden Retriever for Adoption

Post by Amber.Faith on Tue 09 Dec 2008, 2:31 am

Hello! My name is Melissa & I'm a new member here & we got a purebred Golden for adoption...

We found a stray Golden Retriever running around near our home on the 10th November. She had tick fever, infested with ticks, had maggots, open wounds & was basically in terrible shape but surprisingly, very hyper even though in that state.

She has now been with us for one month & has totally cured & healed. We named her Joy becoz she is just a bundle of joy! According to the vet, she is already over 1 year old because her teeth are adult teeth & they were in terrible shape. We've been brushing them with a special toothpaste often & it is getting whiter. Not bad!

She is the smallest Golden Retriever you'll ever meet. She has no microchip so obviously she was not been registered. Right now, she looks like a Labrador because she was shaved bald but her hair is beginning to grow back. She doesn't look like ANY Golden Retrievers you've ever seen but I can assure you, she is pure except that she looks like she came from a backyard breeder & I think she did.

She is incredibly intelligent & she does Obedience fantastically! I have only trained her for three weeks & now she is in Novice level. She heels by my side like a velcro, can sit, lie down, stand, come, stay, wait, finish & even fetch the dumbbell on command. She is a natural retriever! We are gonna enter her for her 1st MKA Obedience Trial, Pre-Novice level & we'll see how she'll do.

Apart from that, she is also incredibly hyper! All she looooves to do is play, play, play & play some more. I guess it is because she has been caged all her life & had no one to socialize or even play with her. We still put her in a cage & she NEVER complains. Infact, she's very happy to be in her cage & wants to go back in her cage. She will gladly do so when I tell her to. I guess, it's like her security blanket. But we always let her out often to go for walks, play with our dogs & even go to the training field for socialization & training every Sunday.

She is basically a wonderful family dog! She has been evaluated carefully too. She is NOT food, toy, people, dog or cat aggressive. She knows her place in our home very well. She is very very well socialized & loves everybody even strangers! Over friendly I think...

So, we're looking for a good owner/s & a good home for her. Unfortunately, we decided not to keep her because we are not ready for a fourth dog. We already have three on our own & two cats too. For now, we think it is enough. The kind of owner/s we're looking for is a:

1) Responsible owner/s, who will NOT tie her or put her in a cage 24/7 everyday. Let her be free but put her in a cage or tie her if only necessary.
2) A home where she'll be the only dog. If those who already have dogs & wouldn't mind Joy romping & leaving saliva all over another dog's face & ears, then she may stay in a home where there are other dogs. But bare in mind, there are some dogs who cannot tolerate her playfulness because she just doesn't know when to stop.
3) An owner or owners who will be PATIENT with her because she is hyper active but can be controlled easily.
4) Owner/s who will continue her TRAINING. Training is very important as it helps to stimulate the dog's mind & body. Training a dog is being responsible & Joy has a lot of potential to do very well in Obedience. If possible, bring her for training at the MKA training grounds at Central Park, BU because there is where we are every Sunday morning training our dogs. A bored dog WILL be destructive meaning, destroying shoes, furniture & other stuff that she's not supposed to touch. So keep her well occupied everyday. Also she needs to be brought for walks often. She needs to burn off all the energy in her.

One more thing, she is not up for free because it is not safe for her to be given up for free. There are many people out there who take the opportunity to breed purebreds or neglect it or abuse it because it was given FREE. We want the new owners to VALUE the dog. There is a fee to be paid but it really isn't much...

All together we only charge RM400. RM350 for all the medications, vaccination & heartworm prevention. The other RM50 is for the medicated bath. We did not include the fees for the grooming she had which came up close to RM100, the food & the training. We don't care about the money. We just care about Joy's welfare.

Those who are interested in adopting Joy, please call Helena & Melissa @ (012)-9147868.

*Potential adopters will be evaluated & given a simple test to see how much knowledge they have of owning a dog & taking care of one. Visitation to the adopter's home may be required too.*
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Re: OB Trained Golden Retriever for Adoption

Post by yenlu on Tue 09 Dec 2008, 2:52 am

Firstly, hi to Melissa and welcome to the forum ^_^

Joy is such a good dog, too bad now is not the time for me to have big dog, because I travel too often. Hope Joy gets a good owner!


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Re: OB Trained Golden Retriever for Adoption

Post by mathewhusten on Fri 21 Jan 2011, 6:44 pm

Hey Melissa you have collection of dog and cats in your home how you manage to give them a proper food because different breed have different diet plan.

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Re: OB Trained Golden Retriever for Adoption

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