CNY Doggie Gathering

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CNY Doggie Gathering

Post by yenlu on Mon 02 Feb 2009, 7:19 pm

Gathering Updates:
Time: 9am
Date: 8th February 2009 (14th day of CNY) SUNDAY
Location: BU Park, beside 1 Utama
Admission: FREE :wub:

Things to bring:
1) Plastic Bag to pick your dog poo poo... this one is a MUST! And of course... tissue paper.
2) Food & Water, leash & collar/harness for your own dog... water is a MUST.
3) Angpao, for those who are married... =)
4) Smile... brings your smile over. Well, if you are sad, you still can bring your sadness over, but you will sure go home with lots of smile. =)
5) Anything you think suitable... maybe treats Smile

Additional note: Pls make sure your dog done the 3 vaccinations.

Whoever trying to mess with this gathering planning, we shall kick him/her in the butt. Stay away with the gathering planning talk if you don't plan to come, unless you got USEFUL contribution.

The list so far:

LiNg LInG + issac
mannequion + tobey?
waichee86 + daisy + hepy
Candy&Vincent + wilbur
limgp1976 + 3 babies
jason86 + toro
babymiki + maine
syrian + oooooolong cha
Winnie_sia & vincent + boyboy
Genesisnation + elmo
Kelvenwai + fren + 3 poodles
geNesis623 + pepper
Rayne (audrey) + scottie
Shayne + Ice

sinv, Amos n boey

Please make note, the times changes to 9am because its getting hot around 11 something. We don't wanna get burn Razz


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