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Post by yenlu on Tue 15 Jul 2008, 8:46 pm

Let me share you an easy petsy treat LOL.. I made this before but I can't tell you how much ingredient this and that.. just use your "Feel"... This is not a goooood recipe, but I will just give you an idea if any of you want to create something easy yet better then commercial treat.

- Kibbles (main ingredient, the idea is just to enhance the smell of the kibbles, and works great as treat)
- Flour (any kind, best is wheat flour, but if dog allergy to wheat due to the gluten, try corn flour but you will be making crumbling cookies)
- Egg
- Unsalted Butter

Optional Ingredients, to add vitamins and all sort of stuff:
Wheat germ, flax seed..

1. Blend the kibbles until powdery form, add in flour and other dry ingredients, mix all thoroughly.
2. Add in egg and unsalted butter
3. Mix them together. You shouldn't make the batter too creamy, it should be firm, cause you are making cookies, not cakes. If its too crumbly, add in butter, if its too creamy, add more flour or kibbles.
4. Shape as desire, most probably in small bites (easy to use as treat) put on your baking pan (with baking sheets), bake in a preheat oven. Should be done around 15-20 minutes depends on the size of your cookie.

If you guys want exact measurement of the ingredient... wait wait.. till I get back Perak cheers I still got carrot/banana recipe but I don't make that anymore because cannot store long. Biscuit make from kibbles can store longer, because the main ingredient is dry ingredient Wink

However, if you make a lot, keep the uneaten treats in the fridge, just take a few out to last for 2-3 days then enough.

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