Regarding Spamming

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Regarding Spamming

Post by Admin on Sat 15 Nov 2008, 12:57 pm

I believed a lot of you don't read the rules section up there, so I just post here again to alert you guys:

New Rules to be implemented:

Minimise your unconstructive reply. Cut down the below example:

1. LOL
2. hahaha (or any similar)
3. Smile (or any post with just similies)
4. others single words reply...

If situations does not improved, we may consider the above as SPAM.

Strictly no for post with:

1. a
2. aaa
3. aaaaaaaaaaaaa

This is obviously SPAMMING. Warnings will be send either from me, or my beloved moderators.

Upon 3 warnings received, you will be send for 3 days holiday.
Upon the next warnings after returning from the holiday, you will be banned permanently.

The above does not apply to kopitiam thread. You will be rest assure to continues your LOLs in kopitiam.
However, strictly no advertising allow in Kopitiam.

Any further questions, please contact me or the moderators team.

I am slow... don't rely on me.... Wink

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