Vets Choice dog food Holistic and Organic chicken

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Vets Choice dog food Holistic and Organic chicken

Post by kingpets01 on Thu 19 May 2011, 12:08 am

MTBPRO ENTERPRISE - Kingpets Wholesale malaysia largest pet supply distributor.

King Pets was founded on the belief that there is nothing in the world like the boundless love for our Pet.
King Pets decided to bring pet wholesale-style convenience and value to the pet supply industry. Each of our staff personnel has been personally affected by a dog or cat, in which the memory will warm our hearts forever. We strongly feel that everyone would benefit from this endless experience. We also feel that finding what you need to care for and pamper your precious pet should be convenient, fun, and informational.

Our main objectives is to provide the Best Yet Affordable range of Pet Apparels, Beds, Carriers and Toys to our valued customers in wholesale purchases. Therefore, our Store ensures the following below:

* DEFECT FREE, Giving the best in Quality of the products we carry & sell
* Updates of the latest clothing design and bed on our online store catalog every fortnightly, keeping up with the Latest Fashion Trend!
* Providing the Best in our product packaging & ensuring Fast Delivery of stocks to cater to our customers' needs
* Exchanging of products that are short of our customers' expectation based on the stock return policy
* A knowledgeable and friendly staff personnel

To ensure infinite care for your pet, we have created not just an online store, but a Safe & Comfortable Web-based community. We donít want you to just buy the best pet supplies but we also want to keep you informed of the latest pet trend. So go ahead, surf around the latest selection of pet supplies on our Web.

King Pets store are located in convenient and high-traffic location. Our convenient location make it quick and easy for customers and their pets to get right in, pick up their supply and get back out on their way.

Contact us before dropping by thanks.

King Pets operate from Monday to Saturday & we welcome inquires even on Weekends!
Operating Hours : 09:30 - 20:00
Contact Number Office : +60147283046
Contact Number Mobile : +017-3372999
General Email :
My Webpage
MSN Online Services :
Facebook :

Vets Choice 13 years already 1#ingrediante HOLISTIC & ORGANIC CHICKEN - More information check our website.TASTE-TEST WINNER USA

Health extension for your pets Long life stay , less bad smell , and less bad smell pupu

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