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Dog Walking by your side Empty Dog Walking by your side

Post by dog is my buddy on Tue 18 Mar 2008, 2:54 am

hi all,
Many people attempt to teach a dog to heel by putting on a leash and physically correcting the dog when she makes mistakes. There are a number if things seriously wrong with this approach, the first being that most people do not want precision heeling. Rather, they simply want the dog to follow or walk by their side. The dog never enjoyed walking with you on leash and you have no control over them off leash. Teach the dog to enjoy following you and to want walk by your side off leash. Before going on outdoor walks, it is necessary to teach the dog no to pull. Then it becomes easy to teach on-leach walking and heeling because the dog already wants to walk with you. They might familiar with desired walking and heeling position and they know not to pull.
dog is my buddy
dog is my buddy
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